Rhino WIP 'Expired' while i was modelling, can't save now


Sorry does anyone know how I can save/export/copy my drawings over if my rhino WIP is expired?

I opened Rhino to continue working at home and the license said it was expiring in 1 day, I have to get something to the laser cutter tomorrow and was only going to work for a few hours so I said continue instead of going to the website (this was at 9pm) I have been working for 2.5hrs and i went to save and Rhino has now told me it has expired and I cannot save, export or copy.

I had downloaded the eval since to try to copy it over but I can’t. Does anyone know how I can go around this? I’m on OSX and I was on the WIP.

Thank you in advance!

Same thing happened here, I even downloaded and set up the newest build. I have both open at the same time and can’t even copy from one to the next because my copy, duplicate, and save functions are all disabled…

So, the clock ticked over, past midnight, to the expiry date, is that what happened? And you did not save before?


Yup. Seems like the only option is to pick up and move on, no?

In what timezone?! It was 11:30pm for me in London.