Saving layouts as pdf

Hi all.

I’m trying to save a layout as pdf. My viewport is selected as technical so all elements can have a nice chunky line thickness and uniform colour. However when I go to save as pdf it shows narrow lines and the colours of the layers. Any Ideas?

Many thanks


most obviously you checked somewhere display color and vector as output, when using technical view you have to activate raster instead of vector. also switch to print color instead of display. the settings should be in the print window.

Hi. Thanks for your reply. I’ve clicked print colour and raster in the save pdf dialogue box but still the same issue. Do i need to change them elsewhere? Many thanks

that i dont know, but you could post a fragment of that file which exhibits the problem.

do you mind me asking the best way to do this? thanks

just select one or to curves objects you can share then use the command invert and delete if you have it on one layer, otherwise just delete the other layers also, then save as a new file and drag and drop the file into the reply here.

ok i’ll try that. I changed to display colour rather than print and that made it all black but still had thin line weight

ariel layout.3dm (127.6 KB)
test.pdf (255.7 KB)
test 2.pdf (259.1 KB)

I think it’s something in the display options. Curves makes it bigger on the screen but doesn’t affect output as pdf. I increased lines by a lot to test. It seems to have made it one pixel wider but doesn’t correlate with what i’m doing on the drawing. I’m trying to save the layout fin tab by the way. Thanks

can you post a screen shot of how you would like it to look like? also if you want thicker curves you may have to increase the lineweight in the layer

experimenting with layer line widths. should i do layout print width or just print width.

got it i think. Seems i have to change the print width of each layer. Thanks so much. Is there a way to preview the print width?

more or less, the command is called PrintDisplay but it is not very accurate unfortunately.

Thanks so much for all you’re help. This forum is amazing

sure! oh, also lines can be displayed thicker generally, if you change the display mode, you can also save each display mode as a new one and use this for print only for instance.