Pdf printing some layouts as raster


I came into an issue trying to print several layouts to pdf. This issue is specific to one file and I haven’t been able to reproduce it. There are several layouts all with A3 page size. Whatever method is used to print the layouts, using print command from layouts or model or using save as… method, two of the pages will always be printed as raster, independently of what is selected in the print options menu. Consequently, the pdf is quite large. About 167Mb…

I can’t share the files publicly, but I can send it privately if necessary.

Best regards,

Hi Filipe -

Have you checked to make sure that the layouts are in Wireframe mode?
If that’s not it, does saving the file with a new name, deleting all objects and all other layouts and just inserting a simple box still show this behavior? If so, you should be able to post that file here.
If all else fails, you can upload a file from Rhino - Upload to Support. Make sure to copy the url of this thread in the comments field if you chose that option.