Layout and printing thinkness when exporting in PDF

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create drawings with quotes with rhino layout and export it in PDF.
I made a make 2D with visible and hidden lines.

I was not satisfied with the default thickness of visible lines so i wanted to increase the thickness.
So i am changing the value of the “print width” in the layout and detail layer information tab while i am modifying the the detail i want. but when exporting it doesn’t change anything.

So I also tried changing the print width in the model layer panel, but it doesn’t change when exporting in pdf.

Does anyone ever encounter this kind of problem, or maybe i am missing something prehaps?

Thanks in advance


Hi Paul,

Maybe if you share a file that shows your problem someone could take a look at it and figure what’s going on.


Yes sorry, here it is Bedsidetablee.3dm (5.6 MB)

Hi @Despaul

I just took a look at your file. I see that you applied Print Width to Make 2D layers. The problem is that the curves that belong to those layers have print width set to default instead of By Layer. To solve this run _SelCrv to select all curves and in the properties panel, under print width settings, change to By Layer.

Now if you go to your layout pages and run _PrintDisplay you will see that your curves have the proper Print Width.

Notice that on page 1 you will see no change because on that page all your curves belong to Default layer. I moved all curves to Make 2D>Visible>Curves and also I created another layer for dimensions, so you can control everything separately. Now everything have custom thickness.

I’ve attached the modified file in case you want to take a look.Bedsidetablee.3dm (5.8 MB)


Hi José,

amazing, thanks a lot!