Saving as dxf and emailing

When I " save as" a rhino file as dxf file and email, the recipient gets broken curves and noy all the info. Anyone have suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?

Most likely you are using the “Default” export scheme which clearly isn’t adequate translation from Rhino objects to AutoCAD objects for your recipient’s needs.

What will the file be used for?
Why are you using DXF anyway?

Hi tortoise,

Look here:

Once upon a time а few years ago Mitch wrote a great script for export DXF

John, recipient will be using the file to obtain information to construct helical glass panels and thought dxf would work since recipient has autocad.

My best recommendation is to read up on the details of the export schemes. Default will not work in this case because AutoCAD does not support NURBS curves or surfaces.
As a starting point, see if the “2004 Natural” export scheme works better.