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Is the export to DXF functionality supposed to be working on Rhino for OSX? It tries but it seems to have a lot of problems and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time if it’s not together yet.

Sorry if this was already asked, I’m not sure that I’m successfully searching for old topics.

Yes, it’s there and works fine.
That said, the big issues people have is not understand how the named schemes work and not setting the options correctly for their needs.

Perhaps a tutorial is in order. When I export to DXF and then import into an oddball tool like the emachineshop CAD software, it’s pretty useless. And if I try to convert the DXF into a PNG at online-convert.com, it blows up every time.

The trouble with tutorials for this is DWG/DXF is used for so many different a divergent tasks. Your needs and likely to very very, very different from the next person. If we did a tutorials that addressed his needs, then it would be irritating for you.
The best way is to work through a specific simple example here on the forum and get the details sorted out.

Okay, I’m going to try uploading a simple .3dm, default .dxf file that I exported, and a screen print of what I got when I imported the .dxf. Circular arcs turn into a huge number of little splines and straight lines disappear.flying wing, try 3 dxf test.dxf (164.0 KB) flying wing, try 3 dxf test.3dm (43.6 KB)

Modify one of the named schemes or make a new one. Make sure the ‘Simplify Lines and Arcs’ options is set with an appropriate tolerance (model units).
Your curves are being exported as polylines and you don’t want that.

Here’s the settings I used. See if you like this better.
flying wing, try 3 dxf test.dxf (159.4 KB)

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I think that did it. I’ll try it with some more complicated drawings and see what happens. I would guess that you’ve had endless discussions about what defaults make the most sense and the problems of changing defaults for long time users, so for me it’s just a learning opportunity. Thanks & I’ll check back tomorrow if I get stuck.