DXF export to Cadence Allegro/OrCad - settings

Hello Everyone!

Is there some person that can help me with setting the custom DXF Export scheme? My goal is to import DXF data from Rhino to OrCAD, the issue is that with any setting I’m not able to export the DXF from Rhino in such format that arc stay arcs…

I’ve tried the opposite way - I’ve exported DXF from OrCAD and imported it into Rhino. It worked OK (arcs and curves stayed simple curved lines) but when I try to export the same data from Rhino all curvatures are converted to small segments/lines.

I’ve tied many options in the scheme, but it was mostly try & error as in the Help is not much to read what does each control…

So to summarise - I have a DXF file, that when I open it in a text editor it has all curvatures as “AcDbPolyline” and I would like to import it to Rhino and then export it again from Rhino to DXF with such settings that it creates the same DXF file.

Any help? Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

EDIT - All this is just 2D geometry.

This is DXF of the format that I need to achieve 002.dxf (27.8 KB)

You probably need settings something like this:

Arcs should stay arcs, splines should stay splines.

Helvetosaur - Thanks! I’ve tried your settings and it worked on the first time. I killed half a day… I had almost the same settings (except for Curves and Polycurves)…

Thank you again for such fast and good response!