Save Viewport


I have a question about saved viewports… In sketchup we can save many unique views according to hidden object elements, which means If I hide and object regardless its layer it remains the same as many time as I use hidden. So different viewport has different hidden object settings.
In Rhino I realized when I hide an object in a saved viewport that behaves globally and affect to another saved viewports as well so I am not able to make two different viewports with two different settings regarding visible objects.

My question is how to solve this problem, can I handle my hidden objects settings to remain hidden on different saved views?


Another issue, when I use saved views, object out of scope of the current camera view are still visible.

Hi onrender,

This is possible in Layout space (use the command Layout) using the commands HideInDetail, ShowInDetail, HideLayersInDetail and ShowLayersInDetail. The layout details are viewports when you activate them by double clicking. The saved views can also update the details.

The viewcapture on the bottom doesn’t match the thumbnail in the saved views panel. Double click this thumbnail to use the saved view, I think you may have altered the view manually by zooming out or re-positioning the saved view widget without refreshing the saved view afterward. It should work the way you want and does here.

Hohohohooo! thanks! came to life.