Hide objects in saved views like Sketchup?

Hi, I’ve made a view where I hide into order to get the image I want. I then saved it. However, every time I go back to that view the wall is there and I have to hide it again. In Sketchup, Scene views remember hidden geometry. Is there a similar possibility in Rhino?

Hello - If you save, and then close, a file with objects hidden, they should be hidden when the file is reopened - are you saying they reappear?

Perhaps you mean a detail in a layout?


I’m referring to saved named views. I hide a wall in a view then save it as a named view. I then “show all” to have the wall visible in other views. If I go back to the named view, the wall also shows there. In SU hidden geometry is saved as hidden in Scene/views. e.g. First image is my saved named view. Wall is hidden. I go to another view and show/unhide the wall. I then go back to the saved view and the wall is included.

Ah, OK - use Snapshot for this.


Thanks. This looks like what I want. However, when switching snapshots I get the message,

"Your current model state is not saved. By restoring this snapshot
you may not be able to get back to this state.

Do you want to save a snapshot first?"

I’m not sure what this is and the correct response. though I’ve responded No.

Hello - the warning is there due to the possibility, since snapshots can store position and scaling info, that modeling (or material and texture) changes can be lost by restoring a previous shot. Say Yes if you’ve made these types of changes and do not want to lose them.

e.g. Make a box, snapshot, then scale and or move the box: your changes will be reverted on restoring the snap if you’ve saved position info in your snapshot.

What I do is maintain a snapshot called ‘Current’ and make any changes with that one restored, and save it. It does get just a little fussy if you are making these types of changes.


Hi @CalypsoArt,

A couple things to note with Snapshots:

  1. You can save and restore only certain aspects of the scene - in your case it can be only Camera and Object Visibility/Locked State.
  2. You can also restore it the same way (only view + object visibility).

A word of warning though - even though you may chose to save only this data, each snapshots remember ALL possible data for each scene (you can edit each snapshot to access the “hidden” saved properties). On complex models with a lot of materials, objects, etc. it will cause massive file bloating, which for example on our end makes Snapshots unusable, until there is an option to truly save ONLY the selected features. Until then I would take this great potential tool with a bit of a caution.



Thanks for the help re creating views/snapshots. Unfortunately Rhino is crashing every time I attempt to change parameters on a point light I’ve inserted. (I’ve sent on the crash report. 8 crashes in 10 minutes.)

I really am not getting this. I have view with a few textured/painted objects. No matter what I do, or how I respond, If I “Restore” to that snap shot my material scaling goes back to default. On top of the crashing.