Save Small - Do you want to Save

(Sorry if i can not give a robust workflow to reproduce.)

I love to keep .3dm files small, for example when posting here in the forum.

Using File → (alt) Save As (and check “Save Small”)
File → Save Small

Now wanting to close the document.
without any changes many times I get a
Do you want to save changes… Pop up.

Save - it will override the Save Small Version
Cancel - the document is not closed
Revert Changes - completely unclear to which version.
(in fact Revert Changes will do what i want: keep the Save Small Version, so not doing a Revert…)

main wish

Please make the dialog more clear best add a Version / Timestam Info:
(Revert to Version saved at … Date / Time )

pressing cancel after a while I get:

maybe those issues are related:


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I know its weird but the solution is…



thanks for your answer.
would call it work around :grin:

i would love at least to have a info Revert below or above - version, time, date

You’re not on an M1 are you? Can you send me your systeminfo?

Macbook Pro 2019, Intel.
Version 7 (7.25.22321.17002, 2022-11-17)
Local save for rhino, no cloud

systeminfo_tom_p_2022-22.txt (3.5 KB)

thanks, I have something similar, will try to reproduce
edit: @Tom_P looks like I know how to reproduce:

Open a file
make an edit and undo (Document still stays Edited)
Document Edit state doesn’t change
After a few seconds this will make the popup appear as you mentioned.

Does this match with what you’re seeing?
logged as RH-71606 SaveSmall doesn’t update document edited status