Revert Changes? And where is Save As?

This is a thing that frustrates me and raises a few unneeded questions:

I find this very odd, I often want to open a file and save it as something else, but in Rhino for Mac there is no “Save As” option. I can Duplicate, or Export, but why no Save As? It really makes no sense to me, and save as is a very normal thing to do even on a mac.

Also if I close a document I can choose to “Revert Changes” Why Revert? Have you already saved the changes? Why not DON’T SAVE? That too is also normal in the Mac world, so why invent something new?

If you hold down the Option (Alt) key, while in the file menu, you can “Save as…” instead of “Duplicate”.

Just hold down your option key to get Save as. This is an OS X thing, not just specific to Rhino.

I use this a lot, because I work on files with Windows users. Any OS X application that uses Version makes incremental saves, so once you go to close the file, you can save it or you can “Revert” it back to it’s last saved state. This also is an OS X thing not a Rhino specific thing.

You actually do have to REVERT, as changes are saved constantly without you doing anything. So unless you revert, your saved file will have been changed whether you like it or not…

And woe be to you if you have a network file open simultaneously on a Mac and Windows machine. There is no file locking mechanism on the Mac side, so it’s fully possible to make inadvertent changes to a file that’s also open on a Windows machine.


Thanks for pointing out the facts… But now I dislike it even more…

Working together on a large project that is on dropbox would mean that a lot of upload and download is going on then.

Does this mean that each time Rhino crashes it has overwritten the file it had open? That can be a problem.

Adobe has the ordinary “Save As” and “Don’t Save” options, why isn’t it using the “versions” option?

Versions drove me nuts too after years of a tried and true save as workflow. I got used to it begrudgingly. In this case “Apple knows best” (sarcasm) and you are supposed to relearn the save process. You’re right…thus far Adobe has said - “not happening.”

However, if technically feasible, it seems wise, and remains my view that, from a product value position, give the customer the option to switch off Versions and return to old school save as via a preferences check box.

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sometimes it means that, yes… (but better than crashing and losing work, right?)
.but you can browse all past saves and move back to previous versions… it doesn’t overwrite the file… just adds new info to it.

re: dropbox… i wish a version wouldn’t update in dropbox until the file is actually closed because you’re right, there is uploading going on in the background whenever a new version is saved.

I thought you could somewhere - but I don’t remember where the setting is, in Rhino or in the Mac OS…
Ah, here it is…


Thanks for the reminder, Mitch.

UNIX command/hack if I read this right? I still think users would prefer the option (need not be default) of a application built-in preference switch all things considered. Who knows what one can break long term going the hack route, especially with critical save functions.

Thanks for that - it didn’t occur to me that file locking didn’t work on the Mac. But it makes sense from a technical perspective: file locking as we use it is a Windows OS thing.

I’ve added