File > Close ... Rhino for Mac hangs

Hi there,

i often open larger files in Rhino for mac, run a few scripts and then want to close the file without saving. If i chose File > Close, i get a dialog to Save and Revert changes but no option to close. Since i do not want to save, i choose “Revert changes” which then brings Rhino for Mac into an endless loop showing the preview image of the file and the hourglass. I do not get the files window listed under the Window menu. Could this bug please be fixed ?


a workaround might be:
go into the main, top File-Menu
press alt/option - this will allow you to
“save as” (choose the option save small might decrease writing time)
Save the file with a new name and delete it afterwards.
I use the filename “muell” (german for “garbage”) for stuff like this. So i know i can trash those files.

and yes it sound s like an annoying bug.

Hi Clement -

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with the information that you provided here.
Can you post or upload all necessary information to consistently makes this happen?

Thanks @wim, i’ll try to prepare something soon and send it via PM.