Save new component family from file on disk

I seem to be getting an error message when I want to create a new family from geometry that comes from a file on disk, rather than an active document.

I want to use this method to more easily update any imported geometry in my project.
How could this be resolved?

By the way, the error still occurs when I have the Built-in categories component plugged in.

Can you post your GH file please? Thanks.

Of course:
Buildings_PL3D_Origin_to Revit.3dm (18.2 MB) (18.1 KB)

Getting lots of geometry tolerance errors but works in 2022. I’ll check 2023

Yeah, I made a topic about that yesterday, but deleted it as I resolved those in the file I posted.
For some reason Revit’s import CAD within an in-place generic model was able to process the geometry (with an unsupported geometry error) and brought it all in, whereas the RiR imported a much smaller portion of the geometry.

In Revit 2023, I don’t get those. There shouldn’t be any edges smaller than 2mm in the file, I believe the shortest one is about 5mm and there are no non-manifold geometry either.
And I set the tolerance in the Rhino file to be 0.1mm as per the documentation of RiR.
E: You should notice that I had different error messages on the same component.

Granted the definition itself is a bit finicky but working on both versions.

In a new file i’m enabling the New Component family to allow creation (in this case with proxy geometry), then enabling the Save Component Family.