Save/load user interface (.rui) manually

Is there a way to save and/or load the Rhino UI ‘by hand’, with some command? There ain’t, right?
I’m aware that it is saved when Rhino closes.
Reason I ask is because I often have multiple Rhino sessions open, and change the UI layout every now and then. It’s easy to stumble then over the fact that ‘the last Rhino closing’ overwrites the .rui file.
It would be clearer when there was a ‘SaveUI’ function. In other open sessions, a ‘LoadUI’ would then refresh the UI without a restart.

Furthermore, giving those .rui files different names for different layouts would be super cool.
You get the point - how about it? Too deeply buried in old code to be feasible (yet)?

Yes, there is.

Under Options>Toolbars>File menu, there is a SaveAll item - clicking on that saves all the current open .rui’s immediately. You can also macro this as:

! _-Toolbar _Collection _SaveAll _Enter _Enter

I have this as an alias ‘sw’, i.e. “save workspace”. This has been around since like V3 or 4.

Note that saving the .rui does not change Rhino’s behavior of resaving the .rui on closing, so if you have several instances open, make sure the changes are in the last one you close, otherwise they will get overwritten.

This is also possible and has been since V3 or so. You can have as many .rui’s open as you want. You can open or close them via macros. However the tabbed workspace (introduced in V4 I believe), was supposed to give the users the flexibility of doing this within the same .rui. You can also customize all your tabs and/or create new ones with the tools you want to use for different operations.

Thank you!
Tried this:

…but there’s no save file dialog popping up. What is saved to where here?

Nope. Since the .rui files are already named, that simply saves over them - all of them that are open. Like hitting the Save button in a normal file. Otherwise highlight one of the open .rui’s (if you have several) and hit Save to save just that one or use SaveAs to save under another name.

Hello again!
Having troubles with my UI layout - again and again. For no apparent reason, Rhino suddenly orders all the panels in my UI side-by-side. They were positioned on top of each other.
Just to be clear: with ‘panels’ I mean these window ‘containers’ (what’s the correct term?), that can hold multiple tabs. These containers can be moved/snapped anywhere, but this arrangement can break.
Even after re-arranging them to my liking again, after the next reboot they are shuffled again.

Why do I post this here: I’d like to understand the difference between a .rui file and the “%AppData%\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\settings\window_positions-Scheme__Default.xml” file.
Do .rui files only store the toolbar content, and the .xml file the positions of all the panels/toolbars?

However, this is a cryptic and bug ridden topic.Hope this gets simplified and fixed in R8.