V8 Toolbar File menu missing options for SaveAs and Export

ExportRuiFile already exists as a command, so it should be included here too.

And an auxiliary question - what’s the difference between ExportRuiFile and simply finding where the .rui that you are exporting is located and copying it? This also relates to the question and problem of when .rui files are actually saved - apparently not automatically. So does ExportRuiFile save a new copy of the file at the current “right now” state - including the latest changes that have been made to the existing one that Rhino has not automatically saved - or is it just a copy of the current file? Here there is a difference in file size - the ExportRuiFile is somewhat smaller than the original .rui it was exported from - 1.85Mb as opposed to 2.55Mb.

that makes sense. There are a couple more entries missing I see compared to Rhino 7 I’ll first discuss what to do with those

As for saving:
When you close Rhino, or better, close the last instance of Rhino that is open, that state of the toolbars will be there as well when you open Rhino again. So far it is the same as Rhino 7.
When you reset toolbar customizations, you can still restore any edits you have made.
Saving a toolbar explicitly overwrites that restore point, so any edits made before saving will no longer be restored when you reset toolbar customizations.

Well no, not really. In Rhino 7, when you close the last instance, the state of toolbars is actually saved in the open .rui(s).

(the .rui(s) are actually saved every time Rhino closes whether you made any changes or not)

In Rhino 8, any changes are saved somewhere - I guess in the settings files - but any changes made to any tools/toolbars contained in an open .rui are NOT saved to the .rui itself. That is to say any open .rui(s) ARE NOT SAVED at closing time. I just closed my last instance of Rhino 8 just now - after making a couple of changes to a toolbar located in my custom .rui - and this is what Windows explorer shows me about the file:

The last save on it was 6 days ago when I had the mistaken idea to actually save it, which semi-destroyed it in the process… (see other thread).

These options don’t interest me personally - although I guess they might others. I suppose this is the primary reason why changes to an open .rui library are now stored externally to that file instead of just simply saving the file itself as before - so that you can perhaps “undo” the changes. IMO this makes things complicated, hard to keep track of, and opens the door to problems; I wonder if this addresses a real need.

Anyway, given that explicitly saving .rui’s is broken at this point as referenced above, it looks like you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Edit: Oh, yeah, it still doesn’t answer the question of what ExportRuiFile is actually exporting…

I’m not saying the way it works now is great, but the way it works in Rhino 7 also has its downsides. I recall multiple occasions of accidentally closing an instance of Rhino that did not have the changes I made, and that can also silently ruin things.

According to the help file

The ExportRuiFile command merges the original toolbars of the selected .rui file and its customized toolbars into a new rui file.

I will investigate the other issue in the thread you linked.

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Ah… perfect, THANKS! Sorry, I usually do check the help, but for this I didn’t think to look…