How to save a single toolbar

I’d like to save a single my toolbar. How can I do?

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If you are trying to save your toolbar out to use in another installation, you will first need to create a new workspace (.rui) file for your toolbar.

In Options>Toolbars, from the File menu, click “New”, and give it a name, and OK.

If you re-open Options>Toolbars, you should see the .rui file name in the upper window, and when you highlight it, there will be a “toolbar group” in the lower window.

If you check the toolbar group (it’s probably checked already), somewhere on the screen there will be a new toolbar with one blank button (has a “smiley” face).

From there, the easiest thing to do - if you don’t have hundreds of buttons in your toolbar - is to simply copy over the buttons from where they are into the new toolbar one by one using Ctrl+Left mouse button drag. You can Shift+ LMB drag the smiley blank button off the new toolbar to delete it.

Then go into Options>Toolbars again and highlight the new .rui and hit File>Save.

Your toolbars are normally located at


From there, you can copy your .rui out to wherever and open it in another Rhino install.


Another similar route - float your toolbar on the Rhino window - this will ensure that it is in a ‘group’ albeit a group of only one. In options > Toolbar, go to File > Export groups (make sure the relvant RUI file is highlighted, in case you have more than one, probably it is default.rui) , name the new RUI file, then choose the one (or more) groups to export into it.


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Thanks Mitch, thanks Pascal


Hi. Instead of starting a new thread I’ll bump this one.

I am having some annoying problems with saving a custom toolbar (for use on several other computers). There are 6 buttons with their own thumbnail. When saving the toolbar only 5 of the thumbnails appear, the last one from left to right is just a blank button. Trying to add the thumbnail again and going to Tools/Options/Toolbars and saving. Even save all. Closing and then opening the saved toolbar, but to no avail. What am I doing wrong?

Another thing I noticed is that if I choose Edit Buttons (right-clicking) on the toolbar, the thumbnails in the list appearing are from 6 months ago, I’ve changed the thumbnail design plenty of times since then. Why don’t they update?