Save layer properties as a template rhino (without using Grasshopper)

Is there a way to save layer properties as template from rhino and use it later, just as I can save materials?

For example, if I have a layer for steel beams, it has its basic properties materials, display color, plot color, lineweight, linetype and all. If I make a layer of steel beam next time in a new file, I would like to use that template and just assign all the layer properties at once instead of setting them each again.

Hi Shasan,

Setup a file with all your template needs then Save as Template


This will save to your default template directory. The next time you open a new file using that template check this dialog box.

Thanks Japhy,

Yes, so that is the way to save the whole rhino file setup as a template with all the sample layer I need and then duplicate them as needed.

But there is no way I can save individual layer properties like all these as some kind sort of file. So next time I make a layer of steel beams, I can just assign all of them once instead of making a duplicate layer and all the elements in that.

Like for example I can save individual materials as “.rtml” files.

You can create Rhino file with all the steel layers for instance that could be quickly imported, or you can script a new layer with a shortcut alias

-Layer …|_____1

Something like this

'_-Layer New SteelLayer Color SteelLayer 155,155,155 _Enter


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Yes this it very handy. Thank you.