V7 template file save to include layers


I ve had rhino v7 for about a month but only just starting to use it now so setting up layers in the template file. Seem to set up my standard 5 layers in differing layer names and colours but when save template I re open rhino and then only the default one layer is there.

hope someone can explain how I ve my layers for template file



I make an array of lines, where each line is set to the appropriate layer.
Then, make a block of those lines and delete them.
The block will represent the layers and keep the structure in your template file.

If you don’t want to have the block in your template file, save an additional file only with the lines, and import layers from that file.

How are you doing that? Did you use the “Save as template” entry from the file menu? What name did you save it under? Have you checked if that is indeed the template that opens when you start Rhino?

To make sure - just type “New”, then browse to the template you just saved and before hitting the Open button, make sure that the checkbox “Use this file when Rhino starts” is checked.


ah you ve saved me! yes I was saving as template file and it was opening as per it should for the other palette changes I was making but for some reason not the layers but i renamed the template and tapped the use this file and all is great. I guess I ve not messed with this stuff for couple years since my template in v6. Lots of new stuff to learn I tend to use the tools I already know so with now sud d (was using clayoo) and I going to starting learning more about other tools to now i think. So i guess clayoo is kinda redundant now? As a jewellery there’s software called matrix which is super complex and expensive but i look at envy only at one tool and that’s the ring resize tool. I love for rhino to be able to have a tool as powerful as that in its toolkit?

So thanks huge helvetosaur you ve helped me before when my internet provider was preventing rhino to log in to open on line and I had to relax parental controls then it worked. hope your good? all well for you? thanks. robin

Yep, I would say so. I think Rhino’s SubD tools will continue to develop very well now, making any add-ons unnecessary.

Obviously Matrix will have jewelry-specific tools that Rhino does not - I guess that’s why people pay big money for it.

Yep, everything fine here, thanks for asking !