V6 saving template file. Layers arrangement not saving reverting to default.All else works fine

Hiya just setting up my template file.

I can arrange the tools as I wish and save those however for some reason when I add layers or change their names then save as template i lose that part of the save template . I save template with a few layers with colours and materials then save as template file then reopen rhino it goes back to one layer called default. In fact normally i save template with the layers tab on view at the front that’s how I ve saved as template but when i close and re open its covered and properties are the front tab. Is this how it is in v6 or is something I am not doing please? I have yesterday opened and checked another persons file that was their set up in rhino… maybe opening another persons rhino file has an effect on my set up? thanks. robin.

Make sure you’re opening Rhino with the new template file. Choose File>New, then browse to your new template (make sure it’s named something other than one of he standard templates as well), and at the bottom of the open dialog, check the box “Use this file when Rhino starts”


Alternatively, you can specifically set the default template location and file in Options>Files


ah brilliant !

I normally open new files through the short cuts so never seen that box option or click on files in folders directly. Only just starting with v6 so maybe theres lots I ll discover thats different now.

So I did as you said and all layers are there now! You often help me here Helvetosaur. Its very much appreciated. I am sure I ll find other things as I set it all up! Its nice to start a fresh with a new machine now, i did nt realised the new pc had all fancy lights all over it like a fairground ride, i can switch them off i think but it looks happy as am i ! thanks. !


:laughing: Modern Times! Great comparison!