Rhino 5 template file will not pre save my layers

Hi. I was wondering why Rhino 5 save as template will not save my layers. Everytime I open Rhino it only gives me a defaut layer even after I saved as template the desired layers I previously created.

Any ideas?



Hi Leiagh - next time you use the ‘New’ command, pick the template you like, and check the box in the FIle > Open dialog for ‘Use this file when Rhino starts’. Does that do it?


Hi Pascal!

Thanks for your help! When I open a new file and I choose my background colors, Mouse, preferences, toolbars, … I also choose a couple layers with sublayers to hide my curves for specific solids I’ve created. I save as template for “use this file when Rhino Starts” and it wont save my layers. Everything else has been saved just the way I like it. Except the layers, which is curious.


Hi Leiagh - as far as I can see the template file is not being saved- the other things that you mention are not saved in the document. Are you giving this template a special name? And do you see this name when you use the New command from Rhino?