Save As Scalable Vector Graphics

saving as svg using Save As Scalable Vector Graphics add-on

doesn’t work while opening VA template but works using rhino temples

Hi @huss191998,
Are you using Rhino 5? can you attach some example to figure out the differences when using a VA or a Rhino template?
I’ve just done a simple test in R5 and I get the same result with and without VisualARQ.

This splash screen for saving svg doesn’t appear while opening VA temples, it’s weird
Does it appears for you using VA temples ?

Hi @huss191998, I do get that SVG splash screen also when I use VA templates. There must be some other plug-in interfering here… Try to disable all them except VA, and Tibidabo, and see if the problem persists.
What I see is that this svg exporter doesn’t support blocks, and therefore the VA objects don’t appear in the output svg file.