Can't open projects from images on splash screen at startup

I feel like I’ve read about this before, but couldn’t find the post. It’s really annoying—when I try to click on and open one of the files that appears as an image on the splash screen when I start rhino, it tries to automatically “save as” on the empty project that automatically opened under the splash screen, and if I hit cancel, it just takes me back to the empty project.

I think someone said something about this being V-Ray related (the source of so many issues), but why the auto “save as” instead of asking me whether or not I want to save (like it does when I try to close a project), and if I say “no”, take me to the project I selected? This seems like an obviously better way of doing it. I don’t know if there are technical issues or what those would be with this approach, but it doesn’t seem like it should be too difficult? Just wanted to throw this out there.

Hello - does the problem disappear if you block Vray in Options > Plug-ins page and then close and restart Rhino?


Yes, it does—but I do have to use V-Ray quite a bit so it’d be nice if I didn’t have to constantly disable/enable it. Might be a little more inconvenient than just not using the splash screen to select a recent model to open. Neither is a huge inconvenience, but just minor inconveniences that become a little frustrating over time.

I figured the issue is that V-Ray is automatically doing something in the model when the default blank model opens, which is causing Rhino to think I actually did something I might want to save. But it seems it would make more sense if it asked me if I wanted to save when it encounters such a situation, and if I say no, then take me to the model whose image I selected on the splash screen? Of course, maybe V-Ray is causing it it do something more complicated and weird than I’m imagining.

Hello - I understand. I guess the next thing to do is contact Vray support

They will pester us if it is a Rhino thing. We do not have access to Vray to test.