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Hi all,

I’m just switching to Rhino 8 (mac) and am having trouble setting up the save behavior so that cmd+shift+S maps to “save as” instead of “duplicate.” I use “save as” frequently for non-destructive version iteration, and it’s MUCH faster to just do “Save As” and append “v3” than having to wait for Rhino to create a new “duplicate” file, go to File > Rename (or worse, switch to finder and find the file, then rename), then switch back to the original document and close it.

I tried this:

And now cmd+shift+s does nothing. Which is better than triggering a duplicate file, but ideal would be if it triggered the SaveAs command, which works fine if I enter it as a command.

As an aside, that list of every single letter (which is not searchable) seems like a much more clunky way to define a keyboard shortcut than in Rhino 7, where you could just click a + button and map any shortcut to any command or macro, including complex ones that aren’t in the (long) (unmodifiable) (predefined) list of Rhino 8 shortcuts, for example:

Let me know if I’m missing something here!

Thanks for reporting, I can confirm that this one is not working here either (fyi: the shortcut itself is broken)

RH-79585 Cmd+Shift+S not working

We agree on that RH-79531 Proposal for adding commands to keyboard shortcuts.

While possible to program it, I wonder if you would ever use a 5 finger shortcut.

Ah cool, glad it’s not just me.

That link seems broken but if you’re on it, rock and roll, thanks!

Totally valid, I was just using that as an extreme example to illustrate how annoying it would be to add in advance individual line items for all the possible key combinations people might want. :upside_down_face:

open now

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Am I reading right that the plan is to leave the shortcut situation as-is until Rhino 9 comes out?

Marking as future and we can revisit in 9

These release targets need to be taken with a grain of salt, it’s all a matter of priorities and these can change.

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