Problem with "Save as“-function


what I miss in Rhino 6 for Mac is a genuine "save as“-function. I know that if I hit S+shift+cmd I get a duplicate, but it is not called as my file, but says „unnamed rhinoceros document“, so I have to retype my file name again and again.

Background is that I would like to make copies of my file at every crucial step, calling them file-1, then after the next iteration file-2 and so on, so that I can always go back to an older version if my changes don’t work. Now if my files would be called „file“ that would not be such a problem, but I use more complex names for different projects, and keep retyping them over and over.

I am also aware of the rename function, but if I rename file-2 into file-3, I can go on working in file-3, but file-2 is gone.

Why couldn’t it be as in other programs, that your file name is highlighted as it is and you can rename it, but a file with the old name is still in your project folder?

Or am I missing something?

Best regards - Jan

They way you’re using SaveAs is at odds with MacOS file saving.
This has a good description:

does dropping down the file menu, then holding the option key for ‘save as’ to pop up not give you what you need ?

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Milezee: that’s what I was looking for! Thank you so much!!

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no problem, it’s one of those overlooked things on Mac OSX that many just don’t realise is there :crazy_face::thinking:, you can use this across a lot of apps on your Mac (I didn’t realise it was there for a long time either :joy:)

So true. I got my first Mac in 93 … now I learned about this shortcut … well, better late than never :slight_smile: