Command "Save As"

Many times I need make next work version of one file. Why it is not there command like “Save As” ?

Your current way by Rename or Duplicate is so complicated.

…or I realize something bad?

This is an Apple thing, not a Rhino specific workflow. If you need save as instead of duplicate (same thing for me) then hold option key while file menu is open.


How is this an apple thing?
Word, Illustrator and Photoshop all have Save As…

These programs are not Apple applications and do not use Apple Versions or AutoSave. Duplicate & Save As are the same thing said with different words. If you read the post and you toggled the option / alt key while file menu is open with Rhino, you would see what I mean.


Ok I get what you are saying now. So why would Adobe and other companies not go with an apple version? Why would Rhino?

They aren’t really the same thing.
Duplicate - Creates a copy and opens that said copy.
Save As - Creates a copy with you creating a new save file name. Closes the ‘older’ version and leaves you with the new file to work on.

Thanks for the alt tip. I will definitely be using that!

old post, sorry…
Not sure if anything has changed on Apple side? Are you able to meanwhile adjust the menu in this regards?

For me the hint with ALT saved my day - I just changed my keyboard shortcut to cmd-alt-s = save as as it should be. Thanks! Unfortunately this thread is deeply buried when searching for “save as” …