Can I turn off 'Duplicate'?

I can’t describe how much I dislike ‘Duplicate’ on the MacOS version. Is there a way I can turn it ‘off’ and make the default work like every other normal program and just do a ‘Save As’?

And yes: I know I can hold down shift to get to ‘Save-As’, but every program I’ve used for the last 20 years has just had ‘Shift-Command-S’ as the ‘Save As’ default, and my muscle memory is faster than my brain. I never, ever, ever, ever want it to duplicate my file when I just want to Save-As. There must be a way to change this default behavior someplace, no?



Looks like this change came from Apple:

For whatever reason, Apple changed the Command+Shift+S keyboard shortcut to be the curious “Duplicate” saving option instead, which makes a copy of the existing file you’re trying to save in the current app.

Here I found a guide to change it:

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Thank you so much @Gijs !!! That is so much better.


Thank you so so so so much. You saved my day! And many future days.