Save As doesn't change file name

Hello, (Rhhino 6, 64bit, windwos7)
When you have A open, and Save As to B, the file name shown on top of the window changes to B, that’s the normal behavior I guess.
When I do Save As with Save Small option checked and Save plugin data unchecked, the file name stays as A. I didn’t check any other combination but if you have Save small unckecked and Save plugin data checked (i.e., default settings), the file name changes to B.
I think this is a bug?

Thank you.

Hello - if you do not save plug-in data or save ‘geometry only’ or to a previous version, the name will not change because the file is considered ‘incomplete’.


Oh, Okay. Thanks. Sounds like save small is safe, whereas geometry only or don’t save plugin data is a little dangerous/ only do when you are pretty sure what it is.