Bug, save new document with SaveAs doesn't set document name. It acts as Export

Hi, as the title says using SaveAs on a new document doesn’t alter the document name. It just saves out a copy with the new name.

Rhino 6 latest SR

Hi Jorgen- are you SaveAs-ing to V6 format?


I think so, no popup warning about anything else. If you don’t see the behaviour I’ll run some tests.

Hi Jorgen - If you open a V5 file, and SaveAs from V6, you would get this behavior, if you have previously SaveAs-ed to v5 in the session - it will default to saving that v5 format. So far that is all that comes to mind that might have occurred.


I’ll take a look tomorrow!
The machine is a year old and doesn’t have v5, but I might have done something odd once :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi Pascal, just tested this again and today all works as usual.
I posted yesterday since I have seen the behavior a few times lately and jumped to the conclusion that this happened every time. I’ll keep my eyes on this to see if I can reproduce it.

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I have not encountered this issue lately, but I just saw that when I used SaveAs on the document instead of Save, and saved over the file, and then clicked close just after and then the “Save changes…?” showed up.

So it appears that SaveAs doesn’t toggle the documents “any changes made” status to “None”.

Just so you know, and maybe something you want to look into, but then on the other hand using SaveAs to save to the current document name isn’t a very normal user behaviour :slight_smile:

Hi Jorgen - this spurious ‘do you want to save changes’ question that turns up from time to time is annoying and, so far, impossible to track down. It does not seem to be related to any specific action on the users’ part, that I know of. I will test SaveAs to see if that makes it happen reliably.