Save-As bug

In Rhino 6.27.20176.5001 there seems to be a bug in Save-As. When done with a change in the file name, the name in the title-bar does not change to the new name, and subsequent saves default to the old name.

I just tried the SaveAs in an in-house V6 SR29 build and could not duplicate the behavior.
I’ll see if I can get an SR27 build running and reply back.

V6 SR27 is fine too.

I started a new file, and later an existing file.
Made a change and save it.
Then made another change and ran SaveAs, changing the name.
The new file was created and was set as the current file with the new name shown in the Rhino application banner.

What are you doing differently?


  • It was being saved on our network through relatively slow VPN
  • The original file name was rather long
  • In the Save-As dialog, I checked Saved Small

It’s done this several times to me, and other times it works fine. Very weird.

Still okay here using the SaveSmall option with SaveAs.
It must be a slow network timing thing.

Seemly a likely culprit. I’ll be on the lookout for it happening again and post here if it does.

Hello - did you SaveAs to a different version of Rhino than the one you are saving from, or without plug-in data, or ‘geometry only’?


Same version of Rhino, without plugin data I think. Not geo only.

Hello - if you do not save plug-in data, Rhino does not replace the currently open file.