Confusing 'Save As' behavior on v6 (or just me?)

In Rhino 5, when I do a ‘Save As,’ I continue working on the same file. So, I essentially changed the name and kept working. That’s how it works in other apps, which is good.

In Rhino 6, when I do a ‘Save As,’ that newly named file is external. If I keep working, I am editing the same old file, not the new one. This caused a lot of wasted work the first few times it happened.

I have learned to do a ‘Save As,’ close the current file, and then open the separate one with the new name.

Is there a setting I am missing? The help docs say the following:

The SaveAs command saves the current model with a different name, closes the current model, and opens the new model.

That is not the case. Please advise.

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Hi Dave - are you saving V6 files to V6 format?


I think you’re remembering incorrectly about V5.
Go back and try it.

SaveAs makes the new file current. I believe that is “Windows” standard behavior.

IncrementalSave and Export do not make the new file current.

That only happens to me here if I SaveAs V5. Not if I keep the file in V6 format.

That’s it! I am opening v5 files in v6, so when I ‘SaveAs’ it is a separate file. That makes sense.

Got it. Good catch. Thank you!

FYI. I have about 80 v5 files I’m updating for the new Rhino 6 course on Lynda. Yikes.