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I am getting my new computer setup and have been able to bring my aliases over via Export but how do I get all my keyboard shortcuts and the whole shebang to come over?

There is a registry key you can export from your old computer, copy it on a USB drive, and import on your new computer. It will transfer everything. I keep a copy of this key in everyone’s hard drive so that when the toolbars go all wonky they can be restored instantly. I can tell you on Monday where to find this registry key.



I used to do it this way but I found that it wasn’t
as thorough as I would like. Also, I’m dealing with close to 200 computers so I need something quick and complete that the user can do themselves.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0x64\Scheme: Default

Thanks Dan and Helvetosoar! I’m back in my comfortable worn saddle again. Funny how accustomed you get to all nuances of the UI and input devices. I’ve about worn out my favorite keyboard and as much as I use aliases and keyboard shortcuts just can’t get used to the new keyboard that came with my new computer. Even more picky about my mouse!

BTW, here is a good deal on my favorite keyboard that works great with Rhino.

hi DanBayn,

I’m using R7, and installing the whole thing on a new computer. I want to keep same visual aspect, shortcuts, macros, (even plugin if I could). Could you elaborate a bit on how you do this regkey stuff? :slight_smile:


Things are different since Rhino 6. The settings are now captured in your user profile. You can find the .xml files here:

What I do is archive these files and when we add a new computer with Rhino I just copy my backed up settings files back to this location.

You will still need to load plug-ins manually, as well as setting your toolbars (if you made your own custom ones).

Hope this helps,


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hi @DanBayn ,

thank you for your help!

And is there anyway to capture the toolbars custom settings into some sord of file?


Hi Charles -

When you customize the default toolbars, you should save them as a different name through Rhino Options > Toolbars. You can then copy that file to a different computer.

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