Import Keyboard Settings v6

Dear all! just setting up Rhino 6 and as all settings as aliases has been imported keyboard shortcuts and colours haven’t. Would be great to have an import export function (checkmarks what to export and import before saving to customize what you want to save in the ini-file)

Just an idea, what do you think? Thank you! Hannes

_OptionsExport exports all exportable settings (except things like toolbars, display modes, etc.). _OptionsImport gives you the choice of what to import from an exported options file.

@Helvetosaur You are a star! Thank you!

I’ve distributed the same settings over 130 times by taking the files from C:\User<user>\Appdata\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Settings and copying them to the other computers. This will distribute colours, aliases, keyboard shortcuts etc. It won’t distribute toolbars or plug-ins.


Be careful, if you select all when exporting your settings from v5, it can screw up your autosave location for v6. Ask me how I know…