How/where are personalised shortcuts stored?

Hi all,

Each student at my uni has a network windows account with a bunch of software pre-installed (incl. Rhino) and can log into any computer university wide with their student number and password. Most computers save personalised settings for each program, e.g. if I log on to computer “A” and add some Rhino shortcuts, these will still be installed next time I log onto computer “A”. If I log onto computer “B” they won’t be installed, but if I do install them they again will be available next time I log onto this particular computer.

There are however computer labs where no settings are saved - each time I log on I need to reinstall my shortcuts. I talked to IT and they said they could change this if I let them know specifically where/how the Rhino shortcuts are installed. (They do not want to save all settings for all pre-installed programs because of the amount of students visiting the labs, but are willing to do it for important things like shortcuts)

So - where/how? :wink:


Yes, we have this situation here. What exactly do you mean by “shortcuts”? There are several possible things, some more or less involved.

(Rhino V5 info)

  1. Aliases: these can be exported via Options>Aliases, it makes a .txt file which can be imported into any other Rhino.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts: these are not exportable directly as the aliases can be but can be exported globally (see next entry)
  3. All Rhino options: this includes the above, plus appearance colors, modeling aids, display modes, etc. These can be exported via the command OptionsExport - it exports the whole collection of settings as an .ini file. With OptionsImport, you can choose which settings to re-import from the .ini into another Rhino.
  4. Toolbars: If you have custom toolbars/workspace, it’s a bit more complicated, you will need to copy the .rui file from the original computer to the appropriate place on the new computer, then open it from inside Rhino.

As to where all this is stored on the computer, all the settings for V5 are stored in the registry. The toolbars themselves are stored in the .rui file, but their locations on the screen and open/closed/docked info are also stored in the registry.

The .rui files normally reside here:


For V6, if I understand correctly, the settings are no longer stored in the registry, but in an .xml file in the following directory.