Earning as an architect from Rhino

Hi all, I was just worried that can we really get a job in Europe or USA with rhino as a skill set?
Is learning rhino, grasshopper, lunchbox, ladybug really helpful to get paid higher than other architects who are just specialized in using AutoCAD & SketchUp.
And yes, Rhino is similar to Revit & ArchiCAD but which software is best to get paid higher in the European countries??
Thank You.

Hi Vishal
I can tell you that these days you need the large skill set. If you’re planning to work as an architect you need to know at least one BIM software. In the US it’s mostly Revit, in Europe ARCHICAD is also widely used, with some smaller studios using vectorworks and allplan.
So it’s not really good strategy to only know one software which is rhino.

The best thing you should do right now is to look at job listings in the countries and areas you are interested in, and see what they require. That should give you a good idea about which softwares you might want to invest time to learn.

If you’re planning to move to any place, look at salaries and costs of living, in particular rent.
Nowadays it makes very little sense to move to a large city because rent is out of control, so I would say go for the smaller towns.

Good luck with your search. Again, it’s not enough to know only one software.

I see great potential in rhino inside and revit integration.

With the combination Rhino and Archicad you can tackle pretty much any project, big or small, complex or not.
Rhino is required, but not sufficient.
Ok, depends. There’s the VisualArq plugin, which has a lot on the good side, but it’s uncommon.

Regarding Archicad:
Learning it is not particularly simple (not because it’s so complex, but because it is… peculiar),
nor is it a super fancy program. However, it’s a very reliable workflow backbone, and many big offices use it in Europe.
AC is very good at producing 2d plan graphics from 3d, but as a modelling tool it has it’s limits. In Rhino, it’s the opposite situation. That’s why a combination is the way to go.
There’s even a pretty good connection plugin AC/Grasshopper.

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