CAD designers (with Grasshopper knowledge) salary in Europe?

Dear community,
I am getting ready to run my start-up company in orthopaedic industry (design of non-implantable personalised orthopaedic devices). Despite I have been learning Grasshopper for two years+ and I am satisfied with my scripts (thanks to the help, received from the members of this forum) I understand I will require an extra help to realise all my ideas and speed up the development process of new products.
At the moment, I want to map out some realistic expenses to hire a part-time/full-time Rhino/Grasshopper designer.
I would be very helpful if someone could share their experience and point me what are “average” expenses to hire:

a) A part-time Rhino/Grasshopper specialist per Year?
b) A full-time Rhino/Grasshopper specialist per Year?

From the Glassdoor platform I have found that average costs to hire a CAD designer (full-time) in the UK (and Europe in general) are between £20-30k per year?

Thank you for your thoughts and inputs.

I think here in London, if you want someone skilled in grasshopper, their base salary is at least £30k.
More than CAD designer you should look for an Architect or Computational Designer.
People more proficient with it, with programming skills as well, are rarer and more expensive


I agree with lorenzogreco, I share his reasonable advice. :+1:t3:

OT…If a good cad person is making £30k (around $38,000 US dollars) could I ask what a nice 2000 sqft home in the suburbs of London cost…? Just curious.



I’m talking entry level or little more, experienced professionals earn more of course.

2000sqft are more than £1M in at least zone 2-3.

Not affordable :slight_smile:

Fun site regarding London prices:


Europe is a very heterogeneous system. Its is very difficult to compare salaries between specific countries. In Germany you would have a hard time finding someone working for 30k per year. But even less likely then in Scandinavia or UK, where average salaries are much higher. I doubt you find good people working for that, maybe if its net. In central eastern, eastern and southern Europe this will be more realistic. Well another aspect, whats a designer? English speaking countries have a weird way in naming jobs->vision clearance manager??? Sorry, that’s odd.
And I disagree, architects are not always the best choice for design purposes. But on the other hand its not the profession, its the motivation. And having both an architectural and mechanical engineering background, I had to learn the business the hard way. But I had to learn for a long time and I never stopped.If you plan to start at 100 % then you need someone more experienced. Look for motivated people with the right mindset, not for education per se. Oh, and if you buy cheap…

If you cannot pay the price then find another way of giving benefit. Uncovered commissions, home office, freedom and or even becoming a buisness partner are very good alternatives. Or maybe you find an experienced designer who is looking for a part time job. Most employes, including myself, have a productive peak of 3 to 6 hours, in which they do 90% of all work.


architects are not always the best choice for design purposes

Sorry, what I meant is that most grasshopper people have an architectural background. I’m an engineer myself :slight_smile:

Interesting…I just had to hire a cad draftsman here at our office in the Southern United States, we had a hard time finding anyone. Ended up with someone that just had cad experience but none in our field. 45k with full benefits…That said a 2000 sqft home can be bought from around $250,000 to $300,000 within 20 miles of the office…Drive further and the cost goes down 100 grand.

I was thinking maybe there were just more qualified cad draftsman in Europe than there are jobs…?

Thank Ya’ll for the insite…

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Thank you all for your observations and advise. Very much appreciated!

I am looking forward if you are interested then reply I have been doing rhino for 8 years and I have also went to Dubai for rhino work