Safe Frame

can someone explain to me why the safe frame is not displayed in full in the viewport? There are two arrows at the top and bottom indicating that the safe frame is higher than the one shown on the screen. But why not show it all?

Please, take a look at this video of 3dstudiomax from minute 2.30 to minute 3.20. The Safe frame fits the dimensions of the viewport.


Hi Fabrizio - the actual rendering at the height you’ve asked for is taller than the currently visible viewport… i.e the safe frame is showing you what the renderer sees, so to speak. I see that the safe frame could instead drive the renderer, which may make more sense, but as is, it looks to me like it is getting its information from the renderer not the other way around.


Hi Pascal and thanks for your reply.
When I make rendering I need to see which is the portion of the scene that I’ll go to render. So it would be very usefull to have a safe frame that show it and that fit in the viewport. After that I would adjust the camera in the scene as in the video od 3dmax


Hi Fabrizio - yeah, I understand - what I was pointing out is that if you actually render the scene that you show, you’ll see that the rendering is taller than the current view of the objects - the safe frame reflects that. If the safe frame were always showing in the viewport, which I get may be a good way to do it, then the rendering would have to adjust itself according to the safe frame and not the current camera… @andy - am I making stuff up here?


Hi Pascal,
it would be great to have even the chance that rendering would have to adjust itself according to the safe frame.


2 years have gone by, I still don’t get the point of the safe frame:

If parts of the rendered view are off-screen, the safe frame will indicate this by displaying arrows either at the top and bottom or left and right.

I need to know exactly what is going be rendered… how can I deal with this? My dimensions are 6000px 8000px

The outer border of the Safe Frame called the Live Area will be the aspect ratio of your entered dimensions on the Rendering panel. So for instance, even if you had a small viewport measuring 600x800 pixels, the live area will fit the viewport perfectly. If you see arrows on the sides of the safe frame, drag the borders of your viewport and the safe frame will adjust. It is the aspect ratio of your dimensions not the actual pixel dimensions. The two other borders have more specific relevance in the film industry but you can think of them as composition guides.

I hope that helps.