Is there a way to set "safe frame" in pixels?

Or at least proportional. I’m using different render engines and would like to be able to know the “frame” I’lll be getting in the rendered image without waiting for the rendered output.

Hi arquitextonica,
Going to Render -> Show Safe Frame is compatible with vRay as far as I know.

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Safe frame size has no dimensional relation to the VRay output size… :frowning:

Its proportions are equal to the ones set in your vRay output panel. You might have to refresh safe frame after changing them.

For me, the safe frame is separate to the vray settings.

The work around is to set your render settings in the normal rhino render settings tab, then enter the same figures into the vray settings.

If you change one, then you’ll have to change the other manually.

(VfR 2)

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Maybe it’s working for me because I use this toolbar button I’ve downloaded somewhere on the internet. (Sorry to its author for missing credits.) Try it out. (799 Bytes)

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