Wish for R8: Viewport Safe Frame should always fit in the viewport

Here’s one that has been bothering me for years, and the ‘similar’ topics show - many others, too.

Why is the viewport safe frame cut off to the left an right when the width/height ratio of the viewport is smaller than the safe frame’s??

This behavior doesn’t make any sense, does it. Why would anyone want to see those strange triangles to the sides, indicating that the safe frame doesn’t fit? It supposed to fit in there, keeping it’s proportions, period.
Would make camera work much easier…

The print dialog window is an example of the expected behavior:


Furthermore, if it’s not too much of a luxury, could you please add the render resolution parameter to the safe frame params, as a shortcut?

R8 as a goal?
Thank you very much!

Puhleese, think you can pack that one into the R8 release?
Thanks in advance!

thanks @Eugen
RH-76962 Safe frame should always fit in the viewport

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