S3D - A Recent Project

I commissioned Tomasz Biernat to create a logo for me in his unique style (I love his design sense!). His website is: http://www.tomaszbiernat.us/

I created multiple variations based on his drawing. Rhino’s V7 toolset performed amazingly well in modeling everything…really a joy to use.

More can be found here: https://www.behance.net/sherstobit7bde/projects


#06 is nothing short of amazing!!! Well, they all are, but 06 is my favourite :smiley:


Thanks! They were fun to do.

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Would be really interesting to see an image showing the topology of this intricate design.
SubD or traditional Nurbs-modeling?

It’s a combination of SubD’s, Nurbs and projected bump and displacement mapping.


All rendered in Maverick?

Beautiful work in all cases. I love the sense of depth in no.7. Stunning!

Thanks! Actually, they’re rendered in Octane. I much prefer working in Maverick but for this project, Octane’s displacement was more robust (at least in my hands).

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