Coils and things

When-ever I’m slow with work I always find something to explore or fiddle with in 3D. Playing around with coils and DoF.


Very nice mesmerizing work. What are you using for your renderings?

really cool @PaulS!


Some modeling in MODO then Fusion to convert to nurbs then Rhino for more modeling. Rendered with Arion Stand Alone.

I’m hoping that Rhino V7 will take over the conversions to Nurbs from Fusion.

Here’s the finished final. It’s a continued evolution of a style I started working on about 8 years ago. Rhino is a perfect design tool for something like this!


Hi Paul
Awesome work.
I like your style.
So you construct in Rhino, and then render with Octane or Vray?
Can’t decide between those two, I might practice with both of them…

Thanks! I do a fair bit in Modo, export the SubD model to Fusion which turns it into nurbs and then I finish in Rhino. I’m very comfortable in Rhino so most assembly gets done there.

I’ve never found one rendering engine which handles everything. I would keep using both and one will become a favorite and the other a back-up for areas the first is weak in. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses.

By the way, all of the images were done in Arion which unfortunately, isn’t being developed for Rhino and doesn’t play with Rhino V6. Maverick is coming out created by the same team but the import options from Rhino make it a little limiting. If they introduce a .3DM import format, I’ll get more excited about it.

Thanks Paul
Octane looks interesting.
I’ll grab that one first as Demo Version…