Recent 3D Illustration

This is something recent and somewhat ‘in-progress’ but complete enough to show. All of the detail and precision work is done in Rhino but all of the soft continuity, created in Modo and converted to nurbs in Fusion. For me it is very useful to be able to combine both modeling approaches and use each to it’s best advantage. Rendered in Octane. Looks like Maverick is out now and I’ll have to give it a working out. I love using Arion and hope the lack of a 3DM import won’t hinder use.



Great job ! We need the SUB D tools native on Rhino to avoid having to jump between programs


Thanks! It would be great to be able to stay just in Rhino!

Here’s the final image. There are endless possibilities but needed to wrap it up.


Paul -

Would this process work for softning using Rhino’s SubD:

Here are all the other tutorials we have for SudD:

Yeah, that’s great!!