Multi-core CPU performance on Rhino 6 (Ryzen and others..)

Hi ,
I am planning to build a mid-high level desktop for Rhino 6. I am interested in the new Ryzen 7 3700x, that is the best fit on my budget.
I am wondering if the multiproc. architecture of many of the new cpu will make any sense for modeling. Is rhino6 using it?
Is going to make the difference a cpu with less cores but faster clock or one with more cores and slower clock?
And will Rhino 7 change this situation?
Thank you.

These new AMD CPUs don’t really have the same tradeoff of fewer-cores-for-higher-clocks, the higher-core-count parts let single cores boost plenty high. Not that it’s not there it’s just so small you’ll never notice except running benchmarks.

That said, no CAD or other “content creation” software will EVER make full use of multiple cores except for very specific tasks like rendering or other specific commands that can be broken down easily. EVER. NEVER, STOP ASKING. It’s just not how they work. Maybe in 30 years in the future when being a “designer” means “managing a bunch of AIs that do the design work for you.”

More cores and threads is nice for Raytraced/Cycles if you want to render on the CPU in Rhino 6 and newer.

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Thank you for your reply.
@nathanletwory I had read that rendering would use all cores and , sometimes, all gpus, so this would be worth tthe money you spend.