Ryzen Build

Wondering if anyone has built a system using the new AMD Ryzen chip.
Its be about 5 years for a refresh of my system and wanted to see if anyone has stepped up. Being Iam still on the fence. What would be the best Intel chip if I go the other way?

@sierradays I have one running as a V-Ray render node and it works pretty well. If you are just using Rhino and not rendering a i3 or i5 (or even the new Ryzen 5 series) would have plenty of processing power.

Considering the Viewport performance in Rhino 5 Rhino Viewport FPS topic just a faster GPU won’t improve Viewportperformance. Hence, I am planning to upgrade my system. A friend of mine (also productdesigner) requested my help to configure his machine. something like 1700x 32gb (2x16gb ddr4 3200). Myself I am using a RX 480 which is used better in Rhino WIP.

You will benefit from 8C/16T if you render from time to time. Mostly the crucial last days before a presentation you will be happy about more speed. Dropping the time (e.g. 1h with fx 8350) to only 20 mins for each picture :smiley: