Hardware (CPU) advice - AMD 1950X and Rhino / Grasshopper

Hello all,

I’m planning a hardware upgrade and I would like to check something first about the CPU in relation to Rhino and Grasshopper.

The CPU I have in mind is the AMD threadripper 1950X (or maybe the 2950X update), which seems to be a pretty fast CPU when it comes to rendering, but I also hear that the AMD 1950X is not that great for single threaded tasks:

  • So will this CPU be good / fast enough for Rhino?
  • For the moment I’m using an Intel Core i7 920, how do you think the AMD 1950X compares to that one? Most of the time my current hardware is good enough, only when doing a lot of fillets, chamfers, boolean differences, … the calculations are taking a long time.
  • And how would it work with Grasshopper? Now, when dealing with a lot of geometry the programs gets slow sometimes. So if that could be improved with the new CPU, it would be great.
  • On an older post on the forum I read that Rhino is single threaded, is that still the case? By the way, although I bought Rhino 6, I’m still using Rhino 5 because Maxwell Render has not released a new update of the plugin, so I guess the new Rhino will also be faster…

Thank you.


IPC performance has improved greatly with the ZEN architecture. About 40% better compared to their previous architecture, but not quite as good as intels current generation. though I doubt you would FEEL a difference. this is more something you would notice in benchmarks. IPC performance of Ryzen is certainly better compared to your current Core i7 920.

also read what I wrote about the X399 platform over here.

Here are some rendering Benchmarks:

Thanks a lot for the advice!
So I’m going for the AMD 1950X and will also follow your suggestions for the X399 platform.