Pc Build for Rhino 6

Hi everyone,
for me it’s now time to build a new pc .
so because rhino is my most used software my focus is on getting the best hardware to run rhino.

so for that reason i asked myself a few questions:

AMD or Intel which one is the best?
so let me bring my thoughts into the question , if i just watch the benchmarks of course the intel i7 8700k or even the 9700k against the ryzen 2700x wins. But my thoughts were could it be that rhino is programmed to better run with amd processors or with intel?

How much Ram?
so i now have 32gb Ram and if i watch how much Rhino is using it’s just 10gb up to 12gb
so does more ram makes a different ? is it limited to a percentage value of what is available?

Graphiccard ?
I read a lot in this forum so as i understand correctly the graphiccard for rhino is just important for rendering for normal workflow rhino doesnt use the graphiccard so much (would agree with what i see in the task manager), because i do not render a lot i think for me a 1060 or 1070 would be enough.

Also what i saw when using rhino, was for exmple if i have a big dwg file which i need to import rhino runs very slow and stocks , if i load the same file for example in draftsight or autocad it runs fluid.

the dwg file had a size from about 250 mb .

Best regards Michael

Rhino is not specifically optimized for any CPU.

If your Rhino doesn’t take more than 10GB your models aren’t complex, big and heavy enough :wink: More RAM is always good, but make sure it is also the fastest you can get.

Good GPU does help. It didn’t in v5, but it matters in v6 and newer. Lots of RAM on the GPU is necessary when you use 4K or better displays, even more so when connecting multiple displays.

In all categories faster is better. Make sure you have a motherboard with top performance too.

Hi JesterKing ,
Thank you for your reply,

Could you specify what would be a good motherboard for you ?

and also give me a statemant to this question?

Hi @Michael4,

I don’t think your question can be answered without seeing the big dwg file.

– Dale

Hi Dale,
Thank you for your answer,
i would love to give you the file but i am sorry i am not allowed.

maybe you have some clues for me , what could make such problems ?

Hi @Michael4,

You can always send it confidentially to our technical support staff - tech@mcneel.com

Also, from within Rhino, run the SystemInfo command and post the results here - thanks.

– Dale

Hey Dale,
Thank yo for that Info i’ll prepare something witch i will send to you