RunPythonScript change directory


Is there a way to change where python scripts are stored. I keep my scripts on Dropbox so they’re the same on all my computers but every time you run RunPythonScript it keeps going back to the default directory.

Thanks Mark

(Dale Fugier) #2

This looks like an over-site. For now, just create a shortcut to Dropbox in the default folder. I’ll report this as a bug.


I have reported this several times… I thought @Alain was working on it for awhile…


(Alain Cormier) #4

Hi Mitch @Helvetosaur ,

Yes I did a couple of commits that fixes this.

[RH-26775] (
[RH-27657] (

I’ll ask @stevebaer when they’ll be deployed.

I hope all is well with you.

(Steve Baer) #5

Alain, you committed to V6 source so those changes will only show up in V6. If you feel comfortable that these changes are safe to place in a late V5 service release, you will need to merge your code

(Alain Cormier) #6

FYI fixes were merged into SR10 branch of V5


Thanks Alain!