Run rhino6 from a rhino7 zoo licence

I have a mix of Rhino6 and Rhino7 licences - until we upgrade the rhino6 to Rhino7 want to stay with Rhino6 for all users. Users can only get the Rhino6 licences cant get a Rhino7 licence to work with 6

The user opening Rhino 6 will pull the proper license. You can remove all the Rhino 7 Licenses from your LAN Zoo until you are ready to deploy (after upgrading your 6 to 7).

The other option is to apply for legacy keys that would downgrade your Rhino 7 licenses.

V7 licenses can not be used for V6.
Each Rhino version has it’s own unique licenses.

If your users don’t start Rhino 7, no Rhino 7 licenses will be requested or used even if they are available.
You need to have enough V6 licenses to cover the number of concurrent V6 users.

Does this answer your question and solve your problem?

@John_Brock Is the policy of a V7 license (not an upgrade, lab or evaluation license) can also access V6 no longer valid? Rhino - Access Rhino 6

David -

John was merely saying that you can’t use the Rhino 7 license key to run Rhino 6. As the page that you link to shows, you can still use a new Rhino 7 license key to request a legacy Rhino 6 license key for running Rhino 6.

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Wim is correct. I was being specific to the question.

If @user2926 purchased additional licenses they will be V7 licenses and will not work for V6.
As new licenses, after the V7s are validated in their LAN Zoo, then they can get legacy V6 keys to go with the new V7s.
In effect, it will look like they bought V6 licenses and upgraded them.
In appearance, they purchased new V7 licenses and requested V6 downgrades to pair with them.

John, thanks for the clarification.

The real confusion here is @user2926 is asking about a solution to a problem they have not clearly stated.

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