Rhino 6 to 7 Upgrade Questions

I’m a bit confused by the other thread talking about problems with v7 referencing v6 license. I am planning on upgrading, but wonder whether I should hold off for a while. I’m using the Cloud Zoo licensing so I have Rhino 6 installed on my primary PC, but have it installed on 2 other PC’s more as a backup if something were to happen to my primary PC. In fact, I haven’t used Rhino 6 on either of those PC’s for months. They aren’t even updated to the latest v6 service release.

Am I going to have issues with either Rhino 6 or Rhino 7 on any/all PC’s if I upgrade?

Another side question: If I upgrade to v7, do I need to uninstall the 7 WIP first?

Hi @habudg

If you are referring to the thread I started, the reference to the v6 licence was spurious, but had no impact on the operation of either R6 or R7, so isn’t a reason for holding off on the upgrade. Furthermore, the simple steps McNeel took me through (as detailed in that thread) got rid of the problem and haven’t had to be repeated.

When you install R7 it removes the WIP, if present.

Ok, thanks.

I upgraded a V6 license to V7 and use the license on two machines without any problems. With the second machine Ito go from V7 Beta to the regular V7 license I removed V7 Beta and downloaded and installed the current v7 release. Not sure that was absolutely necessary but it didn’t cause any problems.

I tried installing V7 without first uninstalling the V7 WIP and this resulted in Rhino 7 being installed in the V7 WIP directory. So I recommend doing what David did and uninstalling the WIP first. Then V7 can be found in a Rhino 7 directory just like my V6 in its Rhino 6 directory. This makes updating references to Rhino in other programs (like Visual Studio) more consistent with my prior V5 to V6 transition.

Thanks. Good to know.

Just wondering for anyone that has upgraded from 6 to 7 and uses Cloud Zoo, if you update your license details in Cloud Zoo while still having machines running Rhino 6, can they continue to run Rhino 6 using the Rhino 7 license?

Will they be prompted or offered the option to upgrade?

Are there any changes or effects on files by using v7 to open a file created in v6?


edit: this post appears to say v6 won’t run with a v7 license.

Hi Nathan,

Welcome to the forum! I had a Rhino 6 licence in the Cloud Zoo and when I did the upgrade the R7 licence was added to the Zoo, so I now have R6 and R7 licences there. (You can check your licences in the Zoo by logging into your Rhino account from the Rhino website). If you have a standalone licence you should transfer it to the Zoo before upgrading.

if you create an R6 file in Rhino 7 it should be indistinguishable from one created in R6, except that it will include the information that R7 created it. It will still be identified as an R6 format file.


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Forgot to say -
Should you have problems with using your R6 licence after upgrading, then from the support page on the rhino3d.com website you can request a “legacy R6 key”.

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I use Cloud Zoo and upgraded a V6 license to V7. I am able to run V6 and V7 on either machine, including V6 and V7at the same time one machine. Because I only have one license I can only run Rhino on one machine at a time…

V7 can open V6 files. Nothing changes in the stored version of the file when it is opened in V7 (same as when opening any file in any version of Rhino). When Save is run in V7 the file is saved as a V7 type file. SaveAs can be used to save the file as a V6 type file if the V6 type file is selected. V7 type file is the default…

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