RTX 2080 Cycles Rendering

Has anyone successfully used the Cycles engine to render in Rhino 6 Windows with the Nvidia RTX 2080 card? I select the card in the Cycles preferences, but nothing happens. I also have a Quadro M5000 that renders just fine, justing trying to get a boost from the RTX card (I recognize that accelerated Raytracing isn’t supported yet).

@sdjames support for the Turing architecture was added in the release candidate for 6.12. You’ll have to install the latest of that to use it.

Thanks for the news. I have updated and the RTX works with improved results. One curiosity is that when both the RTX and Quadro GPU’s are selected the rendering speed isn’t enhanced. Should I expect improved rendering with multiple GPU’s or does my bus speed limit the use of both?

Selecting two GPUs will result in less than twice the speed of the slower GPU.

Your Quadro 5000M has only 320 CUDA cores, compared to 2944 in the RTX 2080.

Since we are doing progressive refined rendering we unfortunately aren’t able to benefit from the work stealing mechanism that exists in Cycles. That works only for tiled rendering. In that case you would see a minor improvement of speed on top of the RTX, although it would be pretty minimal (1/10th-ish)


hi nathan,
now the rtx 2080 ti is supported by rhino/cycles under win 10 pro?

Yes, I’m running a RTX 2070 myself.

How many speed I could gain changing my 1080ti with a 2080ti in percentage?
ABOUT of course… :slight_smile:

The 2080ti is only about 30% faster than a 1080ti in raw power, unless it can take advantage of RTX, so…I’m waiting to upgrade. Find another 1080ti?

Hi Jim, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I’m using a Mac Pro with not enough place for another video card (I’ve already 2 video cards, one for the monitors and the other for the Cuda calculation). And Nathan told that at the moment using more then one video card could have some bottleneck. For this I was thinking about the substitution of my 1080ti with another one more powerful. But to spend 1.500 euros to gain about 30% of speed, I prefer to wait (to buy and…to see the rendered images :slight_smile: )

I did not say that. I said that multidevice rendering doesn’t work. It isn’t a bottleneck. But soonish should be fixed.

Ok, sorry to misunderstood, that’s great!
Will doubling the cuda about doubling the speed as in other softwares?

Once fixed you’ll have the benefit of multpile CUDA GPUs yes.

That’s great!
Do you think it will be in next weeks or next months? I asking because i’m planning to upgrade my computer in this period

Would you recommend buying one of these tomorrow, or if you had $500 what would you do instead?

I currently have a measly Quadro 2000D (192 cuda cores! :scream:) so anything at all will be a big improvement, but I’m not rich so any advice gratefully heard…

Find a used 1080ti. The only thing faster is a 2080ti.

The RTX 3080 will be out in Sept. It will blow the 2080ti out of the water.


Not that I have two beasts to do it but I haven’t tried the tech myself and just wondering, does SLI work with Cycles? How hard is it to implement support for that?

No, enabling that will cause a crash. Cycles is capable of doing multi-device rendering without SLI. During our last upgrade my wrapping code for setting up multi-device rendering broke, so no mechanism in place for the user to enable that. But should be there before we release v7. You can track RH-57576 to see when it is done.

Done. Awaiting delivery…