We have several buttons setup like this, for bolt holes:

!RoundHole Pause Through=Yes Radius Diameter 0.1405 DrillPointAngle=118 Direction=SrfNormal

This worked fine in V5, but it is not working in V6.

If radius was the current setting, in V5 it would select it, and then calling diameter switched it over to diameter. In V6 this is not working.

When you call Diameter you get this:
Select point on curve for diameter measurement. Press Enter when done ( Units=Model_Units SelectCurve MarkDiameter=No ): 0.1405
Unknown command: 0.1405

This is what you get if it is set to Radius with Diameter=some value:
Center point ( Radius=0.07025 DrillPointAngle=118 Through=Yes Direction=SrfNormal ): Diameter=0.1405
Unknown command: Diameter=0.1405

If everything is set perfectly beforehand, it works as expected, I just can’t figure out how to get there if it is not.


IIRC like someone else reported a similar thing awhile back…